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What is life?

An inquiry that leads us directly into mystery

This sacred question invites us to be more intimate with the unknown.

Hmmmm, potent! Intimacy with the unknown...oooh the wonder!

Its wonderful to be with questions that lead us nowhere & everywhere

That keep scientists guessing day after day...

How open are you to asking questions that lead to more unknowns?

This question 'What is life?' takes us directly into the unknown!

It's a super highway into the unknown...

The Majesty of Creation!

Power of Truth!

So it's best to go gently. It's always best to approach the unknown gently (and playfully) with great humility & reverence.

When you sit & ask the question 'What is life?' what happens...what arises here?

What opens here? What speaks here?

What physical, mental & emotional sensations arise?

Can you relax deeper into the question & let go of it?

What natural knowing arises?

What unexplained knowing reveals its-self?

Can you simply be with the question & let life speak as it already does in you, through you, as you? Can you notice that life is the question answering itself?

Take time to let go here. Breathing & relaxing as the unknown, with the unknown, surrounded by the unknown.

Resting in the pure experience of the question.

Receiving the question openheartedly.

Simply being here.

Notice movements of feelings.

Frustration, agitation, confusion, clarity, understanding, wisdom...

Notice how these forces play, bounce, collide, create, explode...

Like the picture of the cosmos above.

Can you zoom in, allowing the intensity to be fully felt...

And zoom out...

Noticing the play of feeling, sensation, thought...

Letting go as the dance of life itself happens...

Another very beautiful question is...

'What isn't life?'


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