Being together in the natural aliveness that we are...

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Coming home to your heart...

Beloved Hearts

I am Vittoria.

I am here to share with you what I am discovering.

I am here to offer you a simple, pure, sacred space. A timeless space to discover the eternal riches of being.

These riches are available to everyone, everywhere, ALL OF THE TIME.

“Our True Nature is courageous. 


This courage recognises itself in everything.

In the complete naturalness of life as a whole.

You are this naturalness.

This unlimited WHOLENESS.








As you make the commitment this courage rises naturally.

All of life responds to that commitment 

And effortlessly removes all impossible obstacles. 



The world will not grind you under, it will lift you up. 

You will have eagle vision & unshakeable mountain strength.

You will be guided by crystal clear wellsprings of inner knowing that clarifies everything.

There is nothing it cannot touch or reach.

What was once an impossibility manifests with stunning grace into the field of possibility.

Your dreams become the reality.

Our shared natural reality.



The shamanic dance in the waterfall. 

This is how magic is done. 

By welcoming the abyss and discovering it’s a feather bed.”


― Vittoria Lennox 

(Inspired by Terence McKenna)

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The extraordinary ordinary experience



There is something exquisite about the everyday experience. Awakening happens here.

Awakening is simply you, who you've always been.

Here now in the way of the everyday.

Life is the perfect teaching.

The alchemist.

The Satsang.

I am a mother to three incredible people - Celestine, Enya & Oaken.

I run businesses that I love. I paint, dance and swim in wild waters. I wash up, clean, cook!

I love the healing arts and art! So I share lots of ways to connect with the radiant light that we are.





Here's a picture of my children & I with, one of my best friends - Chris (their daddy).

Surrounded by incredible crystals that I keep at my bedside.

This picture stayed with me when I was dying.

They were always by my side.

(I will share more about this later on)!

Dying was an incredible teaching.


receive the most incredible teachings in the most ordinary circumstances.

ESPECIALLY in the most ordinary circumstances.

Like when i'm getting out the shower.

Or bending down to pick up the washing.


To wake up!

The Eternal joy of Truth is here in everyday life.

It's within every breath, movement, feeling.

In all the seemingly mundane happenings.

As one awakens to the Eternal riches of being

You are never apart from love.

From the love you have always dreamed of. 

All action here is devotion.

Devotion to the Oneness that liberates us

From any form of separation. 

 I am honouring the story of our lives.

These stories have connected us here together.

I am here with you in the wonder of our naturalness.

Of unending peace & joy.

Where there is nothing wrong

Nothing separate

In the eternal moment.

Everything is welcome.

Together we open to the welcoming of all that is

and discover true unending freedom.

Freedom that doesn't come or go.

My conscious awakening opened as my body was dying in 2020.

There is a powerful unfolding happening in my body.

An incredible invitation.

Nothing is what it seems.

When we discover The Truth

Here as it is, as it has always been

There is simply peace.

Unending peace.

My body created a tumour. I am not ill.

Sometimes there are intense sensations. I am not in pain.

I am directly discovering that there is nothing wrong.

The body is a living form, a wondrous landscape

Part of the creative universe.

A wondrous expression of wholeness.

It communicates & invites us to truly feel.

To be with what is here


We have spent a long time

Waiting for the perfect time.

To be truly who we are.

The truth of who we are is all that is here.

Truth is timeless.

I invite you with playful curiosity to discover & rest in who you truly are.

Opening the door of your heart into the vast loving peace

that is & has always been your true nature.

The true nature of everything.

"When the mind rests

In the centre of your INFINITE heart,

A movement, a dance, a freedom unfolds,

that nothing in this world can contain.

Here we rest together.

Play together.

Listen together.

Allowing Truth to speak.



Vittoria xxx

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Infinite peace . Unlimited intelligence . Timeless healing



To your true nature . To Source. To life


To unending love . Everlasting Joy .  Flowing abundance

Within you.


Your heart's desire . Complete life transformation . Boundless energy


Effortless connection . Deep inner peace . Unshakeable strength


From ease & grace . In harmony & connection . In continuous flow